Coming Soon: Ten Tips for Reducing Stress

Dr. Lee gives you ten easy-to-implement tips for reducing stress in your daily life.

Watch this free excerpt from “Ten Tips for Reducing Stress.” In this video excerpt, Dr. Lee leads you through a simple and effective breathing exercise that can help reduce stress. Keep checking back to the Superstress Solution website for more news about the “Ten Tips for Reducing Stress” video.

Video FAQ
Why should you watch this video?

If you already have the book, "Ten Tips for Reducing Stress" is a great supplement to the 4-week program, offering tips and advice from Dr. Lee that are not included in The Superstress Solution.

If you are new to the Superstress Solution, "Ten Tips for Reducing Stress" is a great introduction to the program and provides plenty of ready-to-use advice for feeling better both mentally and physically.

How can I listen watch the video?

This video is encoded in an MP4 format and can be played with iTunes or Quicktime software, both of which are free to download and use.

  • Click here to download Quicktime
  • Click here to download iTunes
Can I load the video on to an iPod or other Media player?

Yes. You can watch “Ten Tips for Reducing Stress” on any device that plays MP4 files.

What is the difference between The Superstress Solution book and the video?

While the book and the video contain similar content, there is plenty of unique advice in each one. Both the book and the video have been created so you can use them either by themselves or in conjunction to get more out of the 4-week Superstress Solution program.